About Us


To incorporate a new food idea, in keeping with what the public will like. Fresh grilled Power Pancakes are a taste sensation. Everyone loves the flavor and presentation.

It is merely a matter of training to produce the Power Pancake fresh at a facility and invite the public for business. The lure of a new food sensation draws them in, and at the same time they will see the concept.

America is in the grips of misinformation concerning nutritional needs for their basic diet. Our basic diet is far from what scientific research dictates. Society eats what the large conglomerates advertise. The truth of the matter is so refreshing and clean, the results from the start will be dramatic!

For the first time in history, you can be covered by insurance on a prevention program. It’s just a matter of time before it grows to a tremendous market. Our facility will be completely in-line with this correct philosophy. Furthermore, additional items will be offered for sale that virtually everyone will want.

The important issues of profit, taste and production have been carefully considered and precisely controlled. Franchise possibilities are inevitable. People will opt to work a business opportunity extra hard for the added health benefits. Quality control has and will continue to be #1 concern.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Why is it called a “Pancake”? 

The Power Pancakes originated in Balboa, California in 1980 as an ultra-healthy breakfast feast. The original pancakes are grilled, topped with trail mix and served with yogurt instead of syrup. The commercial version is baked for lower fat content and no animal products are used. A very special fiber blend adds cleansing properties.

2. What is the fat content?

2.1 grams per cake; 2.4 grams of trail mix topping. Total pancake = 4.5 grams.

3. What is the calorie content?

Because the PowerPancakes are individually made, it is impossible to have a 100% accurate calorie count on the website label that would fit all. They are however generally between 260 – 400 cal. per serving and accurate calorie count is listed on actual products. Product images on our website are true representations of the products as listed at the time of manufacturing.

4. Why do you add trail mix, if the fat content is higher?

Trail mix contains macro-nutrients, essential fatty acids, amino acids, fiber and other healthy considerations. At 250 calories, 4.5 grams of oils are 18% fat calories. These precious oils supply energy for increased endurance.

5. Isn’t all fat bad?

Fat is a natural part of your diet. If you eat hamburgers and french fries, the quality is poor and fat calories are high. The idea is to get healthy fat calories and keep them below 30%. Power Pancakes are 18% from nut/ seed oils.

On fat:

All of you are probably really watching your fat content. Just as long as you keep it below 30% you’re O.K. But, what you should start considering the QUALITY of your fats… good fat or essential fatty acids (vegetable oils) protect your cells from environmental pollutants, help form shock absorption, increase energy levels, regulate glandular functions and keep cholesterol moving safely along.

6. What are Pro-Max™ and Colenz™?

These are nutritional powders manufactured by the Life Design Company. Pro-Max™ is a high quality vegetable concentrate from peas and barley. Colenz™ is a complete fiber cleansing formula with Acidophilus.

7. What are Omega-Flo™ oils?

The Omega Company manufactures the highest quality “organic” oils. Omega-Flo™ describes the process by which oil is extracted without light, heat or air.